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Don't Buy the Model 24 Mixer / Interface / Multitrack Recorder!!!

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Tascam - Don't Buy the Model 24 Mixer / Interface / Multitrack Recorder!!!
Tascam - Don't Buy the Model 24 Mixer / Interface / Multitrack Recorder!!! - Image 2
Tascam - Don't Buy the Model 24 Mixer / Interface / Multitrack Recorder!!! - Image 3
Tascam - Don't Buy the Model 24 Mixer / Interface / Multitrack Recorder!!! - Image 4
Updated by user Dec 09, 2019

The following is an ongoing correspondence between me and a rep from TEAC about my issue. Can you spot the problem in the rep's approach in trying to fix the customer's issue?

To: bqualls@***.com Subject: Still Can't Get Both Model 24's Installed on My Studio Computer.The case of the $1800 paper weights....I still can't get either one of the two Model 24s installed on my studio computer even after your suggestions over the phone. I even tried installing a 3rd interface (focusrite 2 channel) just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with my studio computer. Needless to say that it was successful on the first try with my DAW being able to recognize, and use it as an audio device. I even listened on the monitors to make absolutely sure of playback.

If only the Model 24s would work like this on the first installation attempt....The first thing I'm noticing is that windows keeps pausing the installation every time saying that the "driver is not digitally signed". Could this be something that's allowing windows to interfere with the driver functioning / installing properly? Another thing I noticed is that the actual installation failure with the error message (see attachment) would always happen right when windows device manager was switching to the task of installing the device driver, just after downloading it. Why would windows need to search online for the driver if I've already installed it from your site (ver 1.10)?

I've installed thousands of audio / midi / music devices with ease over the last 15 years, and never have I had so much trouble getting something to work. I just checked, and the model 24 still works here on the office computer. As far as I know, I did everything the same when trying to install it on the studio computer. Also for your reference: all three usb cables work in the office with the model 24 so that's not the issue.

So to sum up: I'm having 2 out of 2 Model 24 mixers producing disk write errors (with forced shut downs) when trying to record single tracks to SDXC cards (Two different cards both of which were suggested by your website as being compatible / see below). Now I'm having 2 out of 2 Model 24 mixers that refuse to install onto my studio computer running windows 7 (despite the fact I was able to successfully install and use my focusrite interface on the same computer). I've tried a million different ways to install these units, and at this point I'm completely out of ideas, and just tired of it all. I can't believe that I haven't picked back up smoking through this whole ordeal, as I've been struggling with this installation for days!Have you ever thought about making these things class compliant where there's no need for driver / software installation in a separate pass?

This would force people into taking the right steps and remove most of the margin of error. Also, maybe you should work on converting your driver into one that is digitally signed in case windows is intervening. Like I said, I may have gotten this thing to work on my office computer, but not without a significant effort, and multiple tries. Even at that level it puts these units up there with the more difficult things to install and run on a windows system (in comparison with other audio / midi / music related devices that I've used in the past).

Even if we were to only get the one issue of SDXC disk write errors ironed out, I would still have the problem of not being able to move the data off the devices and onto my studio computer after the fact (for DAW mixing etc). I've never been able to get windows to read large volume SDXC cards without needing to use a 3rd party device in "storage mode" (like how the model 24 does). That would bring us back to needing to correctly install these which..... Yeah....

You know.... Because of the fact that the focusrite did well on the same computer, and the fact that windows brings up the "not digitally signed" red tape when trying to install your device, I'm gonna say that the problem is on your end. It's an absolute shock that no one else has complained about compatibility problems with Windows 7 yet.I don't know what else to do.... All I can do from here is give you everything that I can so that you can help me fix what is wrong.

I would like to suggest that you re-test The Model 24, in particular with recording single tracks at a time, and punching in a lot onto SDXC. Really use them like they're your own recorders to uncover those errors, because believe me they are there. In my opinion it seems like the testing was quite rushed if we're seeing the same error across multiple units. I will be eagerly awaiting another firmware / software / driver update which you will hopefully work on to fix this nightmare.SDHC / SDXC cards that are producing the write errors:1.Transcend TS32GSDC300S-E 32GB UHS-I U1 2.

SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card - C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD, SD Card - SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN (This is the model that amazon redirects to when searching for the model with the same make and specs from your list.) (This is also the same model of card that Amazon recommends to use with the Model 24.)Attached is the error message that I keep getting which prevents me from running these on my studio computer. To: BrandonP1sterSubject: Re:Still Can't Get Both Model 24's Installed on My Studio Computer.Please email back your street address and we'll issue a call tag for one of the units for testing. On our Windows 7 computer. If we have no issues installing and being able you use as an audio interface the issue will with your computers.

RegardsBrianTascam supportTo: bqualls@***.com Subject: Re: Still Can't Get Both Model 24's Installed on My Studio Computer.Really? Just like that you're gonna stick me with these $1800 paper weights if it installs correctly on your computers? No other offers to make things right? No further investigation?

No attempt to make your product more universally compatible? Are you serious???I'll give you my address to do this, but already I don't like how this sounds. I hope you know all of these communications will be made public through amazon reviews, youtube, facebook, BBB, pissed customer, etc, because companies that sell faulty products should be held accountable. Did you even read my last message in it's entirety?

It covers everything I've been through in great detail, and it may shed some light on what's going on. My address is:=OMITTED=To: bqualls@***.com Subject: Re: Still Can't Get Both Model 24's Installed on My Studio Computer.Hold the phone, I'm not sending this to you, until you agree to also test the SDXC multitrack recording side of things as well. I paid for that feature as well, and I don't think it's fair for you to just ignore that whole side of things. That's actually one of the main reasons I bought the machines and I think it really sucks that both of them produce disk write errors (2 out of 2 machines) completely losing takes.

So I need you to agree to also test the SDXC record functionality, one track at a time, and with punch ins.

If you do not agree to this, I will not send it to you. You need to see that it really does produce disk write errors, and that I'm not making this up.

Original review Dec 09, 2019
I bought 2 of these (Tascam Model 24's) for the sole purpose of multitrack recording onto SDXC cards in a professional recording studio setting. The sad truth is that the Model 24 crashes endlessly with the two different types of SDXC cards that I've attempted to record with so far (both of which were listed as compatible cards on Tascam's site)... Before anyone chimes in, please know that I also did the most recent firmware update (v:1.40) and both of these machines are still unstable when trying to use it as a standalone multitrack recorder! 25% of the time when hitting stop after recording, it will produce a disk write error. This causes all record / transport functionality to crash forcing the user to restart the machine completely! And this is 2 out of 2 machines that's doing this! Half of the time the recorded track is there, the other half it is not :o( This thing has "eaten" one too many good takes!!! How am I supposed to work with clients / artists if these machines reject 25% of the recorded takes!?!? It's negligible to even call these multitrack recorders!! So despite the fact that this is happening I decided to keep the machines because they are also PC interfaces, and I can just use them as such, right? WRONG! My brand new studio computer (with windows 7) absolutely refuses to install the model 24, as I keep getting "not digitally signed errors" with tascam's drivers, and a whole host of compatibility issues! Must be my computer right? Nope, because I just installed my focusrite interface just fine, and on the very first try! I have literally tried installing the model 24 at least 100 different ways (and over a 3 day period) and nothing has worked! I tried calling taSCAM to get support over the phone, and the guy was talking to me like I was stupid, even though he was the one that sounded out of it / sedated. Also he seemed really irritable like he was trying to get rid of me as quickly as possible even though I was remaining calm and not irate / angry. None of his advice worked, and I'm still unable to get these working on my studio computer. For the record: this is the very first time in 15 YEARS that I haven't been able to install any sort of interface / audio device / midi device onto my computer!!! I've been an audio engineer and a computer wiz for almost 30 years, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing! So after a long email to Tascam (see my attached images) explaining in detail exactly what's going wrong, I get this message back from them that makes my head explode! Basically I was told that they will take one of the 2 machines that I have, try to install it on one of their windows 7 computers, and if it works, that's it!!!! No further help / assistance / options beyond that. That's at least what I was able to glean from the typos, lack of punctuation, and words completely left out in their tech support email! I'm basically stuck with $1800 worth of mixer shaped paper weights!?!?! I really hope that's not what you're trying to say! I have been a loyal Tascam customer for almost 30 years! If you're looking to ensure that I never buy a TEAC / Tascam product again then you are certainly well on your way guys!!!! Make this right or I will burn your house down for selling me $1800 worth of paper weights!!!!
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